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Jebel Shams Photography Safari | Oman

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The Movie

Jebel Shams Photography Safari debriefing

June 6, 2013

05:30              Meeting point: Just before the exit to the Outlet Mall. N25.08015 E55.39779

05:50              Off to Mezyad border through Al Ain

07:26              Arrival at Mezyad – UAE Oman Border                      N24.02816 E55.84584

09:11              Off to Jebel Shams

10:23              Our first stop in Ibri for Refueling.                    N24.02816 E55.84584

13:09              Arrival at Jebel Shams Camp site.                        N23.20071 E57.20175

16:30              1st GigaPan & Group shot

17:50              Sunset Motion Timelapse & Camp setting


June 7, 2013

08:56              Leaving Jebel Shams Camp site towards Wadi Sahtan.

09:14              Stop at Canyon viewing spot for some pictures.          N23.21302 E57.20412

10:31              Petrol Pump Stop                                         N23.10134 E57.27668

10:48              Entry point towards Wadi Sahtan from main road.  N23.16710 E57.41518

11:27              2nd GigaPan & Group shot                             N23.16926 E57.40993

12:05              Brunch                                                   N23.16794 E57.40972

13:27              Spectacular drive towards Wadi Sahtan

13:31              3rd GigaPan & Spectacular view of the Wadis          N23.16676 E57.42240

13:54              Off to Wadi Sahtan & Camp Site

16:58              Arrival at Wadi Sahtan Camp Site                         N23.27248 E57.33004


June 8, 2013

08:39              off Dubai through the wadis

09:11              End of wadi tracks. Back to tarmac towards Ibri         N23.38823 E57.31862

11:14              Last stop in Oman at Petrol Station                      N23.49457 E56.19049

12:17              arrived at Oman UAE border                               N24.00929 E55.84596

13:18              Off to Dubai

14:51              End of the Journey. Back to meeting point.

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