Defender 110

2012 Defender 110 Rusted!

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Land Rover Defender in Rust | Dubai

The Land Rover Defender in Rust is not a new idea. However, the concept behind this specific Defender in Rust was unique.

Dubai Sign and Graphic Imaging Middle East is an annual trade fair specialised in signage, graphic imaging, screen & digital printing industries. Part of the show will be reserved for vehicle graphics where you will se the latest sports & luxury cars being wrapped. Of course not a big deal in Dubai!

Most of them will look the same with a big focus on matt finish, carbon fibre and GOLD finish! But how about a classic, vintage, old, rusted Defender in its own outdoor environment? Well, it just stood out of the crowd regardless its 65 years old look!.

Behind the truck was a beautiful landscape, underneath was a printed carpet of a rocky terrain rather than the blue/grey carpet! 3D shapes of rocks and cactus were also installed in the designated area made from styrofoam and resin.

Below you will see the ‘making of’ video as well as some time lapses movies from the show where you will see the reaction of the visitors.

Enjoy the show!

Land Rover Defender 2012 in Rust!
Land Rover Defender 2012 in Rust!

More pics available here.

Jebel Shams Photography Safari | Oman

GigaPans 360 Spherical

Jebel Shams Pano_1

Jebel Shams Pano_2

Jebel Shams Pano_3



The Movie

Jebel Shams Photography Safari debriefing

June 6, 2013

05:30              Meeting point: Just before the exit to the Outlet Mall. N25.08015 E55.39779

05:50              Off to Mezyad border through Al Ain

07:26              Arrival at Mezyad – UAE Oman Border                      N24.02816 E55.84584

09:11              Off to Jebel Shams

10:23              Our first stop in Ibri for Refueling.                    N24.02816 E55.84584

13:09              Arrival at Jebel Shams Camp site.                        N23.20071 E57.20175

16:30              1st GigaPan & Group shot

17:50              Sunset Motion Timelapse & Camp setting


June 7, 2013

08:56              Leaving Jebel Shams Camp site towards Wadi Sahtan.

09:14              Stop at Canyon viewing spot for some pictures.          N23.21302 E57.20412

10:31              Petrol Pump Stop                                         N23.10134 E57.27668

10:48              Entry point towards Wadi Sahtan from main road.  N23.16710 E57.41518

11:27              2nd GigaPan & Group shot                             N23.16926 E57.40993

12:05              Brunch                                                   N23.16794 E57.40972

13:27              Spectacular drive towards Wadi Sahtan

13:31              3rd GigaPan & Spectacular view of the Wadis          N23.16676 E57.42240

13:54              Off to Wadi Sahtan & Camp Site

16:58              Arrival at Wadi Sahtan Camp Site                         N23.27248 E57.33004


June 8, 2013

08:39              off Dubai through the wadis

09:11              End of wadi tracks. Back to tarmac towards Ibri         N23.38823 E57.31862

11:14              Last stop in Oman at Petrol Station                      N23.49457 E56.19049

12:17              arrived at Oman UAE border                               N24.00929 E55.84596

13:18              Off to Dubai

14:51              End of the Journey. Back to meeting point.

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Wadi Sidr GigaPan | Fujairah, UAE

This GigaPan was shot in Wadi Sidr – Fujairah area, during a Land Rover Owner Club of the UAE event.

Just click on the image to zoom-in and discover lots of details of the surrounding as well as of the Land Rovers and their unique setups!

WS Panorama
Wadi Sidr GigaPan | 4 Gigapixels