Dubai 360° Spherical GigaPan @13.5m | 45 Gigapixels

45 Gigapixels 360 Spherical GigaPan

This 360° Spherical GigaPan was shot from a telescopic pole at 13.5meters.
Camera: 5DMKIII | Lens: Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L | Panoramic Head: GigaPan Epic Pro

GigaPan @13.5 meters

Photoshop image size
Image size: 300,000 x x150,000 pixels


File size: 360GB Photoshop PSB
File size: 360GB Photoshop PSB

GigPan Upload

11 Things to Do Before Giving Kids an iPod/iPad/iPhone

Take these steps to keep your kids – and your wallet – safe

With its great multimedia, gaming, and Internet features, the iPod touch is loved by kids and teens the world over–and many ask for it as a present for holidays or birthdays. Parents want to oblige but may also have some concerns about giving their kids unsupervised access to the Internet. If you’re in that situation, this article offers 11 steps to take before giving your child an iPod touch or iPhone.

1. Create iTunes Account for Kid2. Set Up iPod touch or iPhone

3. Set Passcode

4. Install Apps

5. Set Content Restrictions

6. Set Up iTunes Allowance

7. Get a Case

8. Get Screen Protectors

9. Consider an Extended Warranty

10. Buy Insurance (iPhone only)

11. Learn about Hearing Damage

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