Burj Khalifa 7106 Gigapixel

This gigapixel image was shot from the 71st floor of Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai. Image size is around 5 gigapixels.
Burj Khalifa

360Video The Parade 2014 Downtown Dubai

On November 29 2014, Land Rover Owners UAE took part in The Parade Downtown Dubai on the occasion of the 43rd UAE National Day.

Team members wanted to have a unique car decoration that would stand out of the crowed. Car wrapping was inspired by the UAE national flag and created by Blink Experience. The vehicles were completely wrapped with 3M high quality vehicle graphics, produced & installed at PrintWorks.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support of Rainbow Milk who generously shouldered the cost of production.

Below is a 360 Movie of The Parade. Click & drag on the movie to change the view by tilting & panning.

Enjoy the ride on board the Iconic Defender from Land Rover!

Rainbow Milk Launches The Oculus VR Experience in Dubai

Rainbow Milk Takes Customer Engagement To The Next Level The Brand Launches The Oculus VR Experience & Twitter Gift Vending Machine As A Part Of Its ‘Proud To Be Part Of Your Life’ Campaign

Please have a look at my latest VR production. For inquiries
Below is a 360 Video content. Feel free to use your mouse to rotate, pan, tilt & zoom.

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Rainbow Oculus VR Experience

Hein Raijmakers, Regional Marketing Director, at FrieslandCampina

Formula 1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix | Abu Dhabi

For this who missed the event, here’s a change to experience it in Virtual Reality, thanks to 360 video capture technology and Head Mounted Displays!

Please feel free to click on the below image for an immersive 360 video experience.
You will have to use your mouse to pan & tilt to change field of view.

Land Rover Defender in Rust | Dubai

The Land Rover Defender in Rust is not a new idea. However, the concept behind this specific Defender in Rust was unique.

Dubai Sign and Graphic Imaging Middle East is an annual trade fair specialised in signage, graphic imaging, screen & digital printing industries. Part of the show will be reserved for vehicle graphics where you will se the latest sports & luxury cars being wrapped. Of course not a big deal in Dubai!

Most of them will look the same with a big focus on matt finish, carbon fibre and GOLD finish! But how about a classic, vintage, old, rusted Defender in its own outdoor environment? Well, it just stood out of the crowd regardless its 65 years old look!.

Behind the truck was a beautiful landscape, underneath was a printed carpet of a rocky terrain rather than the blue/grey carpet! 3D shapes of rocks and cactus were also installed in the designated area made from styrofoam and resin.

Below you will see the ‘making of’ video as well as some time lapses movies from the show where you will see the reaction of the visitors.

Enjoy the show!

Land Rover Defender 2012 in Rust!
Land Rover Defender 2012 in Rust!

More pics available here.